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Mars Lander 1.4.1: Land the spaceship safely on Mars.
Mars Lander 1.4.1

In this game you need to control a spaceship and land it on a designated spot on Mars. Use the arrow keys to turn on engines from different directions to control the spaceship. There are limited fuel so you can only use the engines for a limited number of times. When landing, make sure that the speed of the spaceship is not too high otherwise it will crash.

action games, moon lander, mars lander, moon explorer, spaceship, mars explorer, explorer, lander, arcade games

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Online Dating Ebook -$50 free for limited time 1.0

Online Dating Ebook -$50 free for limited time

free, ebook, time, limited, dating, online

Schedule 25 Limited Availability People 1.94: Use Excel to create detailed schedules for 25 people with limited availability
Schedule 25 Limited Availability People 1.94

College students and others with limited availability are often the most difficult to schedule to work shifts. An Excel spreadsheet now allows you to specify up to 6 daily time slots that each person is available. Shift assignments are then made in 48 daily time slots from drop-down menus of available people. Once someone is assigned to a shift his name is removed from the menu for that time-slot in order to avoid overlapping assignments.

availability, college student scheduling, employee, limited, schedules, detailed employee schedules

VIDay 1.0: Simple personal and business calendar with up to 50 parallel projects
VIDay 1.0

limited text as a "Memo" for each day in every year -additionally enter not limited text as a "Red Day" for each day in every year (relevant events like a Birthdays or Holidays) - set a "repeat every year" check for any "Red Day", to show it in the same day and month every year - additionally enter not limited text as an "Alarm" for each day in every year (for relevant events like a soon coming Birthdays or Meetings) - set a date and time when that

parallel, projects, birthdays, reminder, memo, calendar, alarms, years, diary

SharePoint AD Administration 1.4.1223.24: Administrator can decide which properties to restrict from certain users.
SharePoint AD Administration 1.4.1223.24

limited abilities to create, edit, rename, and/or delete OUs and AD properties. These delegated individuals can also have the capabilities to reset passwords, create and manage users and groups, and edit AD profiles from within a predefined OU. By delegating specified managers with limited abilities, SharePoint AD Admin will decrease the total workload of System Administrators. The SharePoint AD Administration web part allows administrators to safely

sharepoint web part, active directory, sharepoint user manager, ad web part

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Origin Keyring 1.1

OriginKeyring allows you to generate sevral kinds of licences. For a shareware version you can generate a time limited or a run limited licence. For a full version, you can generate a single or multiple licence. Easy to use, well documented, it takes less than few minutes to protect your software. You can use it in any developpement environnement accepting dll`s.

serial numbers, licencing, protecting software, distributing shareware, serial generator, encrypting

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